This Is What Comfort Food Looks Like In 23 Different Countries

You’ll want to be trying all of these.

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the delicious comfort foods from their country. Here are the results!

1. Banana Cue – Phillipines

What it is: How do you improve on a banana? By deep-frying it and covering it in delicious, caramelised sugar.

Submitted by mrt.

2. Zapiekanka – Poland

What it is: A toasted open-faced sandwich with mushrooms and topped with plenty of cheese.

Submitted by j413f994be.

3. Koshary – Egypt

Dina Said / Wikimedia Commons / Creative Commons

What it is: “Macaroni, rice, chickpeas, brown lentils, topped with tomato sauce and fried onions. It’s a delightful warm blanket of carbs to curl up in.”

Submitted by ktannee.

4. Stoofvlees – Belgium

What it is: “It’s a stew made from beef and beer. You guessed it, it’s from Belgium! They usually bind the sauce with a slice of bread smothered with mustard, but my mom used to add a slice with speculaaspasta (cookie butter).”

Submitted by hannahorlent.

5. Pupusa – El Salvador

What it is: Thick, pancake-like corn tortillas that are stuffed with ingredients like cheese, refried beans, and meat.

Submitted by stop.

6. Pulla – Finland

What it is: A delicious sweetbread flavoured with cardamom and topped with chopped walnuts.

Submitted by lexaskru.

7. Sundubu-jjigae – Korea

What it is: A spicy stew made with soft tofu, though it also usually includes seafood or meat.

Submitted by deborahm45974f8bd.

8. Spice Bag – Ireland

What it is: Pretty much what it sounds like. Chicken, chips, peppers and spices all in a bag.

Submitted by Niall Hassett, Facebook.

9. Jollof and Kelewele – Ghana

What it is: Spiced rice made with a tomato base, served with fried plantain. It’s usually also served with fish.

Submitted by kvanhecke.

10. Brigadeiro – Brazil

What it is: “It takes condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter, then you stir it until it’s hard enough so you can make little ‘balls’ with it. Or you can just eat it warm with a spoon.”

Submitted by Isis Garcia, Facebook.

11. Brændende Kærlighed (“Burning Love”) – Denmark

What it is: A filling combination of mashed potatoes with fried bacons and onions.

Submitted by Peter Staunstrup, Facebook.

12. Bakso Kuah – Indonesia

What it is: A clear broth made with meatballs, noodles, and some greens.

Submitted by arrafi.

13. Buñuelos – Guatemala

What it is: Deep-fried balls of dough flavoured using anise.

Submitted by erickaf3.

14. Malva Pudding – South Africa

What it is: Sweet, spongy pudding made with apricot jam. Often served with a cream sauce poured on top, or custard.

Submitted by anaisjdutoit.

15. Grilled Cheese With Tomato Soup – USA

What it is: A cheese sandwich cooked on a pan so that the bread is the crispy and toasted while the cheese is gooey and melted, perfect when dunked in a bowl of cream of tomato soup.

Submitted by Breton Stailey, Facebook.

16. Sancocho Dominicano – Dominican Republic

What it is: A hearty meat stew made with yuca and plantains. Often eaten on special occasions.

Submitted by Stephanie Rood, Facebook.

17. Wiener schnitzel – Austria

What it is: Thin pieces of veal coated in breadcrumbs and then fried. Great with a side of potato salad.

Submitted by Julia Valentina Pibal, Facebook.

18. Wonton noodles – Hong Kong

What it is: “There are regional varieties but In Hong Kong, expect a bowl of springy noodles in a piping hot broth served with wonton dumplings with prawns, topped with spring onions. Best enjoyed with a drizzle of chilli oil.”

Submitted by Andrea Lo, Facebook.

19. Full English breakfast – U.K

What it is: A traditional full English will usually have bacon, eggs, sausages, fried tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, toast and some hash browns. It might not be healthy but it does taste amazing.

Submitted by nato409aa113d.

20. Chaat – India

What it is: There’s loads of different variations on this savoury snack, but generally it’s made with fried dough, crisp fried bread and chickpeas, with additions like yoghurt on top.

Submitted by gopikagopan.

21. Poutine – Canada

What it is: “Nothing beats crispy salty fries topped with rich gravy and beautiful pieces of gooey cheese… and don’t forget about all the possible add ons from fresh lobster, to truffles or even Doritos!”

Submitted by moka222.

22. Picadillo – Cuba

What it is: “It’s ground beef, olives, raisins, diced potatoes in a savoury tomato sauce. Normally served with white rice, black beans & plantains. But the great thing is, you can serve it with whatever and eliminate the items you don’t care for – and it still warms you from the inside out.”

Submitted by ashb4784.

23. Poffertjes – Holland

What it is: Miniature pancake puffs, served with powdered sugar and butter, which sounds like ~perfection~.

Submitted by rikstz.

Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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Jasmin Nahar is a junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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