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    18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids

    "But what if you change your mind?" "Yeah but what if you just let me live?"

    1. You feel low-key uncomfortable when your parents talk excitedly about the future grandchildren you'll apparently be giving them.

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    2. But you have perfected a polite smile that says "Yes, let's drop the subject now."


    3. You find it weird that people say "Well, you're gonna end up stuck with a load of cats" as if that's an insult.

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    That sounds amazing. Can I sign up for that now?

    4. Or that it'll affect your marriage prospects, which makes it sound as if you're a character in a Jane Austen novel.


    5. Even if you've been adamant about it for years, someone will always tell you you'll change your mind.


    6. Or that you're selfish.

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    7. But they have no idea what you're really thinking.

    8. And even if you do change your mind, you know the feelings you have about it right now are perfectly valid.

    9. You've never understood why it makes other people sad when you tell them you don't want kids.

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    10. Maybe you just don't like kids, which people find equally strange.


    11. Or you do like them, but not for prolonged periods of time.

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    Like a few hours, or a whole day, or 18 years.

    12. Sometimes the reason is complex and personal and you just don't really want to share it with people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    13. But no matter what it is, you'll face some nosiness about it.

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    "Is there a medical reason? Because..." STFU.

    14. You've probably started noticing some double standards at play.

    Men: "I don't want kids." Society: "I get that." Women: "I don't want kids." Society: "Oh, you don't mean that!! You'll change your mind!!"

    15. When you spend any time with a baby, people comment on how it must make you broody.


    16. Even if it's pretty obvious you're less than keen.

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    "It's good practice for when you have your own!"

    17. You don't really care if your plans for the future aren't exactly what other people would prefer for you.

    18. Because ultimately, there is only one kid you'd consider having.


    Would 100% adopt a baby goat if the opportunity came up.