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19 Things Everyone Who Was Obsessed With Pokémon Growing Up Will Remember

Though the obsession has never died, it's just ~evolved~.

1. Frantically pressing "A" to get through conversations quickly. / Game Freak / Nintendo

2. Feeling slightly patronised by how easy these were. / Tokyo TV

Who wouldn't guess this was a Sandshrew?

3. Watching Pokémon: The First Movie and nearly crying when you thought that Ash had died.

OLM / Toho

4. And feeling very emotional about the Butterfree episode.

Tokyo TV
Tokyo TV

5. Learning loads of ~life wisdom~ from nearly everyone you spoke to.

6. Feeling cheated when you bought a pack of Pokémon cards and a lot of it were these.

7. But having your day made whenever you got a shiny card.

Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

8. Getting stressed out when a journey involved going through long grass because of this.

Nintendo /

9. And having to choose the "run" option so many times.

10. Hating literally any time you had to walk through a cave, because you couldn't even avoid wild Pokémon.

NIntendo / Game Freak /

So many Zubats.

11. This being one of the most intense battles you ever witnessed.

Tokyo TV

12. Really wanting this limited edition Game Boy.

13. People sometimes saying the most random shit as a way of challenging you to a battle. / Game Freak / Nintendo / Game Freak / Nintendo

14. Feeling like a proud parent whenever one of your Pokémon evolved.

Nintendo / Game Freak /

15. Catching a random Pokemon you didn't really want if none of your current ones knew Surf.

16. Wanting to train up a Magikarp so you can have a Gyarados, but knowing it'd be a long, uphill battle.

Tokyo TV

17. Weakening a Pokémon so you can catch it, but accidentally doing too good a job and it fainting instead. / Nintendo / Game Freak


18. Being relieved when you finally get running shoes and no longer have to move around at a snail's pace. / Nintendo / Game Freak

19. And finally, trying really hard to memorise the entire Pokérap.

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