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19 Things Only Sensible People Will Relate To

The instructions on packets are there for a reason, people.

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2. And you're often in charge of taking care of anyone who has too many drinks.

Exactly what it's like taking care of a drunk friend

4. Your friends' parents think you're wonderful.

when my friends parents tell me im a delight


8. When it's your birthday, you request only practical gifts from your loved ones.

When I was 11 somebody bought me a toaster for Christmas and I guess I was pretty happy

"I have a disproportionately low number of teaspoons so yes, teaspoons please. What do you mean that's weird?"


10. You take the instructions on packets and recipes very, very seriously.


"Listen, it says it needs to cook for 25 minutes and it's only been 24 minutes so if I take it out now we'll all die of food poisoning is that what you want?!"


13. You buy shoes based on comfort and practicality.

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And probably inspect the soles for five minutes, to check for "good grip".


17. Spontaneity isn't really your cup of tea, how will you prepare for all the possible outcomes?

I hate spontaneity I need plans I need order I need pre meditated intentions I need to read your itinerary & approve it

Where are we going? What are we doing? Do I need a jacket? Should I pack a sandwich?