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    21 Things Everyone Who's Been To A Desi Wedding Will Know To Be True

    It's not a special day, it's a special week.

    1. You understand that going to a wedding isn't a one-day commitment.

    So many ceremonies and you're obliged to attend them all.

    2. And all those different occasions to dress for means having to dedicate an entire day to suit shopping.

    3. Although there are certain advantages to the weddings being so long.

    I'm glad Asian weddings are so long because if u see a buffting at one event u will see them like 2/3 more times

    4. Getting henna done is an excellent excuse to not do anything for a few hours.

    5. And smudging that henna is a very real problem.

    6. You will have family fly over for the wedding and will be unsure of who they are, so will call them "auntie" or "uncle".

    7. You'll be asked by numerous relatives about when you're getting married.

    8. And they will not-so-subtly imply they think your cousins are doing better than you.

    9. As well as give you their very blunt opinion on your weight.

    10. You'll go the house of whoever's getting married and it'll look like this.

    11. And you'll spend a large portion of the wedding week in a marquee in the back garden.

    12. You will drink massive quantities of masala chai, even if you don't like Indian tea.

    13. And you will drink it exclusively from styrofoam or cardboard cups.

    14. You will develop a crush on anyone from the other sides' family who's around your age, out of sheer boredom.

    15. You will tell distant relatives blatant lies about your life.

    16. If you hate dancing, your only option will be to enthusiastically clap on the outskirts of the dance floor and hope nobody calls you out on it.

    17. You have one motivation for reaching the end of the ceremony: the promise of free pakoras.

    18. Because all the food is definitely worth it.

    19. Even though the camera will pan to you at the exact moment you're stuffing your face with paneer.

    20. When it comes to leaving, you'll have endure an hour or so of everyone you came with wanting to say a proper goodbye to each and every relative there.

    21. And after the very last ceremony, when its all done, you will be given a box of mithai as a thanks for attending.