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21 Things Everyone Who's Been To A Desi Wedding Will Know To Be True

It's not a special day, it's a special week.

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1. You understand that going to a wedding isn't a one-day commitment.

So many ceremonies and you're obliged to attend them all.

2. And all those different occasions to dress for means having to dedicate an entire day to suit shopping.

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3. Although there are certain advantages to the weddings being so long.

I'm glad Asian weddings are so long because if u see a buffting at one event u will see them like 2/3 more times


7. You'll be asked by numerous relatives about when you're getting married.

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"Oh, you know a nice pharmacist? Well that's lovely but I think I hear my Mum calling me..."


10. You'll go the house of whoever's getting married and it'll look like this.

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12. You will drink massive quantities of masala chai, even if you don't like Indian tea.

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Because you don't want to mildly inconvenience anyone by asking for "English" tea.


14. You will develop a crush on anyone from the other sides' family who's around your age, out of sheer boredom.

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They're not your usual type but you need to while away the hours however you can.

15. You will tell distant relatives blatant lies about your life.


"Yep, I just go to work, go home, and sleep. And then see my parents on weekends and help them with housework. Family's just so important."

16. If you hate dancing, your only option will be to enthusiastically clap on the outskirts of the dance floor and hope nobody calls you out on it.


"Next song", you'll say every time someone tells you to dance, knowing full well that song will never come.


21. And after the very last ceremony, when its all done, you will be given a box of mithai as a thanks for attending.

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Which you've been looking forward to since you first got that wedding invitation.