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    19 Things You'll Understand If You're Tough But Also Really Sensitive

    “I don’t care,” I say, caringly, as I care deeply.

    1. You dislike a lot of people, but you really care about whether people like you or not.

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    2. You always stick up for your friends and won't let anyone hurt them.

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    3. But you're less likely to do the same for yourself.


    4. Sometimes you cry because you're angry, and then worry someone will mistake it for you being upset.


    Angry tears are different from sad tears — why don't people realise this?

    5. If something major is going on, you can often handle it without anyone even knowing.


    6. But then you'll see an old couple in love or a puppy and feel really overwhelmed.


    7. In an argument, you know you can dish it out but can't take it.

    8. And sometimes you'll linger on a minor comment for way longer than you expected.

    9. You like to joke that you have no feelings.


    Which is only true some of the time.

    10. So you feel embarrassed at the thought of anyone knowing their words got to you.


    11. You're secretly cutesy with people you care about, but would never be that way publicly.


    12. You always tell people to cut off someone who badly hurt them because it's what you would do.


    13. But when you do cut someone off, you think about it constantly afterwards.


    14. Whenever you're upset you'll either start arguing or crying, but you can never predict which.


    15. Or you'll say, "Whatever, I don't care" – even if you low-key do.

    16. You're good at giving tough love to your friends and telling them advice they may not want to hear.


    17. But your ~secret~ sensitive side means you'll always be there to comfort them when they don't follow it.

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    18. You find talking about your feelings super awkward.

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    19. And although you seem tough, you actually much prefer the idea of confrontation rather than the real thing.

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