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19 Things People Who Grew Up In Slough Will Just Get

Not to brag, but our Tesco is massive.

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1. After school you would hang out around Queensmere shopping centre.

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8. All your teenage dates happened at this Nando's.

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But when they opened the second one, you went there instead because it looked fancier.


12. You would know at least one person with a part-time job at Legoland.

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Or you worked there at some point yourself.


15. Because a lot of the clothes shops in Slough just sold slogan T-shirts.

“@bethstafford123: Look what I just filing saw with @MillieJHope burn it ” only in slough.

16. You remember Slough always being on Road Wars, and probably recognised a few of the streets.

It's only ever Slough that is on Road Wars😂😂