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18 Things You'll Understand If You're Secretly Not 100% Over Your Emo Phase

Bold eyeliner is still an important part of your makeup look.

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4. You feel slightly wistful when you see a young person who is still fully in the throes of being emo.

What a time that was.


5. Eyeliner is still an important makeup staple, but now you can do all kinds of impressive looks with it.

7. Which is why sometimes you have a quick skim of the music magazines in shops, to brush up on your knowledge.

8. There's only one colour you like painting your nails.

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9. You're quite pleased that nowadays it's quite ~in~ to wear dark lipsticks, because there's so much more choice.

Matte lipsticks, satin lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, all in a variety of dark shades. What a time to be alive.

12. You feel quite excited when you meet someone else who has hints of secretly being a bit emo.

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"I couldn't help but notice your black nail polish and the Fall Out Boy sticker on your laptop..."


13. Your Instagram feed is mostly all the band members you had a crush on in 2007.

18. And hearing the G note still fucks you up every time.