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    19 Things People Who Have Worked At Legoland Windsor Will Just Get

    Peak season is the worst.

    1. Most people think your job must be really fun.

    2. If this is the bus you take to get home, you end up fucked over.

    3. Pretty much every staff party seems to be held at Liquid, or as it's now known, Attik.

    4. On rare occasions, a big celebrity comes to the park and it's pretty exciting.

    5. And there's actually some really cool stuff to see, though you don't notice when you're working.

    6. You get used to hearing the same songs over and over and over.

    7. You're always being asked by your relatives if you can get them in for free.

    8. And everyone will end up wanting to use your Merlin pass.

    9. If you work on rides, you spend a lot of time explaining safety rules to disgruntled guests.

    10. And in the summer, your arms will be two different colours.

    11. You end up getting really into swapping these badges to get the best ones.

    12. You pick up random, fairly useless, facts about Lego.

    13. Peak season in summer is super stressful.

    14. So you love when it rains, because it means the park might be a bit quieter.

    15. Although if it's too quiet, you get bored pretty quickly.

    16. Working after summer, when a lot of the employees are back to college or uni, is the actual worst.

    17. And working on a fireworks night can involve long hours, but the displays and free soup are nice enough to make it kind of worth it.

    18. You tend to stick to your department, so Food and Beverage people and Rides and Attractions people never really mingle.

    19. And you know for a fact that when you leave, you're taking the cool name badge with you.