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19 Things People Who Have Worked At Legoland Windsor Will Just Get

Peak season is the worst.

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4. On rare occasions, a big celebrity comes to the park and it's pretty exciting.

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Naturally the day Shakira comes to the park is the day you're not working.


8. And everyone will end up wanting to use your Merlin pass.

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12. You pick up random, fairly useless, facts about Lego.

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Like the fact the name Lego comes from the first two letters of the Danish words "leg godt", meaning "play well".


15. Although if it's too quiet, you get bored pretty quickly.

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Standing around with nothing to do and your phone stored away in your locker means the time goes slowly.

16. Working after summer, when a lot of the employees are back to college or uni, is the actual worst.


The staff numbers have depleted and if someone calls in sick it's even more stressful.

17. And working on a fireworks night can involve long hours, but the displays and free soup are nice enough to make it kind of worth it.

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