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19 Things Only Lazy Makeup Addicts Will Understand

My favourite nail polish look? Chipped.

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2. Sometimes if makeup is stubborn to remove, you work it for another day.


9. So nude lipstick is your favourite, because if it comes off, nobody will know.

12. You're amazed by people who manage to keep their makeup organised.

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15. You straight up don't see the point of removing makeup before showering.

New eye makeup look! I like to call it the forgot to take makeup before got in the shower look


17. Because while you have dreams of implementing a proper cleansing routine, you know you could never really commit.

18. Sometimes your makeup look is actually just the result of turning a makeup mistake into an ~aesthetic~.

"Yes, my eyeliner is uneven on purpose. It's a look".

19. And really, you just wish you had a glam squad so you don't have to deal with it all yourself.