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    19 Things Only Lazy Makeup Addicts Will Understand

    My favourite nail polish look? Chipped.

    1. You hate washing your makeup brushes and leave it for as long as possible

    2. Sometimes if makeup is stubborn to remove, you work it for another day.

    3. You prefer to let your nail polish chip away ~naturally~ rather than use nail polish remover.

    4. And sometimes it's just easier to paint over existing polish.

    Twitter: @SahIndeh

    No one can tell.

    5. You watch a lot of tutorials but won't attempt any of the looks in them.

    6. Because while you love seeing new makeup trends, most of them require way too much effort.

    7. Your dream products all have multiple uses because it's much less hassle.

    If it says "2-in1" it's yours.

    8. Anything that needs to be reapplied during the day isn't for you.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    9. So nude lipstick is your favourite, because if it comes off, nobody will know.

    10. You try to make your products last for ages because you really can't be bothered to have to go out and buy it again.

    11. You're pretty sure you're too lazy to properly attempt false eyelashes.

    12. You're amazed by people who manage to keep their makeup organised.

    13. You end up forgetting to throw out old makeup so you're constantly having to remember what's okay to use.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    14. Your natural makeup look involves not wearing any, because you know how much effort a subtle look takes.

    15. You straight up don't see the point of removing makeup before showering.

    New eye makeup look! I like to call it the forgot to take makeup before got in the shower look

    16. But when you do bother you always use face wipes.

    17. Because while you have dreams of implementing a proper cleansing routine, you know you could never really commit.

    18. Sometimes your makeup look is actually just the result of turning a makeup mistake into an ~aesthetic~.

    19. And really, you just wish you had a glam squad so you don't have to deal with it all yourself.

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