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    19 Things You'll Understand If You Grew Up In Southall

    Wondering what the "X" in XFC stood for.

    1. You were forced to go on regular trips to Southall Broadway.

    2. And you were always scared of losing your parents in the crowds.

    3. Although hopefully there'd be a trip to Jalebi Junction.

    4. For a big family outing, it was a trip to Costco in Heston.

    5. If you wanted to hang out in an actual shopping centre, you'd have to get the 207, 427 or 607 to Uxbridge.

    6. You saw this van countless times.

    7. You always got excited on the rare occasions Southall was mentioned in films.

    8. You could never avoid Magic Corn because there was one at every corner.

    9. You considered Glassy Junction to be something of a West London landmark.

    10. You had at least one family member who worked at Heathrow airport.

    11. On Diwali, Southall would be as busy as Central London is on New Years Eve, i.e. pretty damn busy.

    12. You always wondered what the hell the "X" in XFC stood for.

    13. And you made the journey to Hounslow at least once to try fried chicken from Aladdin's.

    14. All of your birthday cakes were bought from here.

    15. You measured how near you were to home by whether you could see the gas tower or not.

    16. You enjoyed the incredibly cheap prices at Southall beauticians, so Central London ones came as a massive shock.

    17. You probably knew someone who knew someone who knew someone related to Jay Sean.

    18. You sometimes stretched the truth and said you were from Greenford or Ealing.

    If you were too vague and just said "West London" people automatically assumed you meant Chelsea.

    19. But you knew that Southall wasn't too bad, because it was where all the best food was at.