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    18 Things That Happen If You And Your Best Friend Hate The Same People

    You bond by going through your mutual enemies' Facebook profiles.

    1. When you first find out your friend hates the same people as you, it's downright euphoric.

    2. You can tell instantly when your friend hates someone because they have a special look they do.

    3. And then there's the look you give each other, reserved for when someone you both dislike is being a pain.

    4. There's times when neither of you will quite be able to explain why you hate someone, it's just a ~vibe~ they give off.

    5. Some of the mutual people you hate, you've never even met. You just know they wronged your friend.

    6. On occasion, you'll hate a person long after your friend does. Namely their exes.

    if your best friend doesn't hate your ex more than you do, is she really your best friend?

    7. Although they're not a fan of yours either.

    8. There's nothing as satisfying as going round for a cup of tea and a good old bitching session.

    9. You like to bond over sneaky Facebook stalks of people you don't like.

    10. And your WhatsApp conversations involve many, many screenshots.

    11. When you receive that "have you seen what they posted on Facebook?" message, you know there's gonna be some big news and a good ranting session.

    12. You're always ready to swoop in and rescue your friend if they're stuck in a conversation with someone they secretly dislike.

    13. And one of you will do the "look, it's your best friend" smirk when someone you both hate walks past.

    14. When you find out people you hate will be at the same party as you, you both have the exact same reaction.

    15. Although you know it will provide you both with so much bitching material.

    16. You'll end up slyly texting each other when people you dislike are in the same room as you.

    17. But you'd never dream of talking shit about each other.

    18. Because friendships like this are a rare, wonderful thing.