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17 Things You Realise After You Leave Your All-Girl School

Never again will you be able to speak so candidly about your period in public.

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2. You'll no longer be able to experience the joy of loudly talking about your period in a public place.


Or asking a random person who you're not that close to to check the back of your trousers for blood.


7. You'll be surprised that not everyone has such visceral, gross conversations with their best female friends.

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Why don't people want to hear about the time you nearly shat yourself in an alley?


12. That you and your school friends had more MSN relationships than most people your age.

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You had assumed everyone's first relationship was some boy or girl in Ireland they never met and spoke to once on the phone.


14. You'll forever feel compelled to dish even the tiniest bits of dirt when it comes to your love life.


"But guys, he put TWO KISSES. TWO. This is a big development, and frankly I don't feel like you care."

16. That you'll miss getting your eyebrows done for free at lunch, rather than having to book appointments and pay actual money.

There was always one girl who was exceptionally good at threading/tweezing who you and your friends would go to.

17. And that some of the friends you made there were definitely friends for life.