21 Things You Can Do To Feel Like A Grown-Ass Adult

    Because we all need a little help.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community what skills will help you feel like a proper adult, here are some of their suggestions!

    1. Find a way to track your spending that works for you.

    2. Acknowledge when you make a mistake, and apologise sincerely rather than for the sake of it.

    3. Know how to properly clean a bathroom.

    4. Get to grips with the basics of sewing.

    5. Check your health regularly.

    6. Know how to pack for a trip efficiently.

    7. Don't stress too much about what other people think.

    8. Set yourself goals that would make you happy, and break them down so they feel more manageable.

    9. Know your DIY basics.

    10. Think about how you manage your time.

    11. Don't be afraid to assert yourself sometimes.

    12. Try to recycle more and reduce your waste.

    13. Shop around for the best deals.

    14. Work on your cover letter.

    15. Take a break from social media if it starts to have a negative impact on you.

    16. Know what contraceptives are available, and what works for you.

    17. Think about what you want to say before you speak.

    18. Let go of toxic relationships.

    19. Learn some basic First Aid.

    20. Learn how to change a flat tyre.

    21. Don't feel obliged to say "yes" to everything.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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