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21 Things You Can Do To Feel Like A Grown-Ass Adult

Because we all need a little help.

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1. Find a way to track your spending that works for you.

"Keep track of spending (bills and disposable income) with a budget app or Excel file. People say "make a budget" but really if you know how much you spend on bills month after month, it's WAY easier to know your true disposable income to plan trips, move to a cooler part of town, and make any major decision where money is a factor (which are a lot of decisions). I was able to move to a much cooler part of town that was more expensive, because I could clearly see that it was affordable because of my budget worksheet and spend tracking."

– Amy G

2. Acknowledge when you make a mistake, and apologise sincerely rather than for the sake of it.


"Being able to admit when you have made a mistake, and giving a decent apology. "I'm sorry you are upset, but you did say...." – NO. "I'm sorry I upset you, my actions where inconsiderate and hurtful" – YES." – patsys4c577e97b

3. Know how to properly clean a bathroom.

Flickr: jjay69

"So many of my friends have no clue to scrub the bowl of a toilet regularly, or that dish soap and vinegar takes soap scum off of a glass shower door. Also the vacuum has a crevasse tool for a reason!!" – erinm41a8c0ff5


4. Get to grips with the basics of sewing.

Flickr: fss

"I think every adult should know some basic sewing skills. Like the difference between a running stitch and a back stitch, or what stitch to use for stretchy fabric, and how to set up a sewing machine. Knowing how to sew/fix clothes has saved me so much money." – hannahs4e7fbdc07

5. Check your health regularly.

Adam Ellis / BuzzFeed

"It's important to have yearly visits with the doctor, dentist, gynaecologist, and eye doctor. Check your health regularly! Doing so will make you more in tune with what's going on with your body." – dorrieb2

6. Know how to pack for a trip efficiently.

Flickr: raincitystudios

"It's something my mom taught me when I was pretty young and I value that skill so much!! It's ridiculous, I see people who don't know how to pack a suitcase going on a two or three day trip and they need multiple bags and I'm always stunned by it. I can pack for a full week, including extra shoes, makeup and two extra outfits, even my laptop in just a backpack! Learn to fold things the right way and you'll never pay for extra luggage on a plane again!" – ginadaforno97

7. Don't stress too much about what other people think.


"Not worrying so much about what other people think of you - as you get older you realise it matters less and less. That being said, always be polite to people!|"



8. Set yourself goals that would make you happy, and break them down so they feel more manageable.

Nickelodeon / Jamie Jones / BuzzFeed

"Think of 3 things that make you truly feel happy and fulfilled while you're doing them. Write them down. Under each one, write a crazy-impossible goal. Now, under each goal, write down 3 things that would have to happen for that goal to come true." – CaptainXeno

9. Know your DIY basics.

"Everyone should have a basic knowledge of DIY. Whether assembling flatpack furniture, rewiring a plug or putting up a shelf. Also, a basic knowledge of home improvement in general. Wallpapering and painting is so easy to learn how to do!"


10. Think about how you manage your time.

Hannah Hillam / BuzzFeed

"The best skill to learn as an adult is time management. A person should have a concept of how long a particular task should take them without interruptions."

– jennies4783ed5b8

11. Don't be afraid to assert yourself sometimes.

Lean In / Via

"I knew I was an adult (or closer to it, anyway) when I learned how to stand up for myself and for my own interests and needs in a mature fashion among the spectrum of people I encountered." – rhdtmp0705


13. Shop around for the best deals.


"How to work out what level of insurance you need and to shop around for the best deals. Same goes for utility bills and other household expenses. Don't just throw money away because it's the easier option. Always look for the best deals and learn some of the lingo so you don't get drawn in to buying things you don't need." – amyw406029465

14. Work on your cover letter.


"Nothing on the internet seems to help and I was never even told until after I started applying for jobs that that was something I had to do!"

– Charlie Hall via Facebook

15. Take a break from social media if it starts to have a negative impact on you.

Nathan Pyle / BuzzFeed

"Social media is a nice way to stay in touch with people but it has become so much more destructive and as people get older it only gets worse. I'm not saying to delete all your apps and live like a hermit but the second you start to feel pressured or negative just put it down for a while." – LunaMagnolia86


17. Think about what you want to say before you speak.


"When I first entered the working world I was so determined to make my mark I would always contribute in meetings even when I didn't really have anything worth adding. After five years working with a charity I've come to realise the importance of everyone's time and the value in only speaking meaningfully."


18. Let go of toxic relationships.


"When becoming an adult, it's useful to learn how to let go of those toxic relationships in your life and not let them affect you forever. It'll still hurt but ultimately, you're better for it." – louiseh451629306


20. Learn how to change a flat tyre.

Flickr: thebees

"I know, I know, basic one. But seriously, knowing your basic trades will get you far. You never know when a flat tyre will get you and it's a pain in the butt waiting an hour or so for someone to come out just to put on your spare. Plus it's nice to be able to depend on yourself and not the assistance of others for little things like that. Adding to that, you should really have basic knowledge regarding when your car is in need of service. Like the amount of miles for every oil change, wipers, tyres, when to get a tune-up, etc." – Jacqi Prochaska via Facebook

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