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    28 Things To Buy If You Got An Amazon Voucher For Christmas This Year

    Ideas for whatever amount you received!

    ✨ £15 and under ✨

    1. While our socialising remains outdoors, this cosy scarf will keep you warm on winter walks. It's great for those chilly evening runs and bike rides too!

    2. Roll these calming essential oil rollerballs onto your pulse points when you need to take a mindful moment for yourself.

    3. This highly-rated vitamin C serum has a 4.4-star average rating from over 30,000 reviews – not bad for under a tenner right? It helps to brighten, smooth, and even out skin tone.

    4. This genius drawstring makeup bag is perfect if you're a little bit lazy when it comes to organising your cosmetics. When laid flat it'll let you see all your products at a glance, and afterwards you just have to pull the drawstring and it'll stow them away!

    5. These photo clip fairy lights are a great way to display your fave memories and make your room look cosy at the same time.

    6. Take your baking game to the next level with this 62-piece decorating kit – it comes with pastry bags, a scraper, and a huge variety of icing bag tips.

    7. This LED TV backlight will add an ~atmosphere~ to your room and help to alleviate eye strain while you binge-watch.

    8. This stunning celestial moon garland is ideal if you like your decor understated.

    9. This massive multipack of sheet masks feature an array of ingredients to target different skin concerns – from moisturising avocado to refreshing green tea!

    ✨ £30 and under ✨

    10. I very much doubt anyone would regret buying this 2.4kg tub of Celebrations (just stow away the Teasers before your family or housemates get to them!).

    11. This sweet Yankee Candle will make your room smell like vanilla cupcakes, and wouldn't want that?

    12. This best-selling bath pillow will make relaxing in the tub even more comfortable. It's non-slip and has an easy-to-clean waterproof coating.

    13. This little sofa for your book or tablet is one of those novelty items you'll actually use all the time – especially if you usually struggle to find a comfortable reading position.

    14. This planner is specially designed to help you make 2021 the year of achieving your goals (because let's face it, this year definitely wasn't the one for that).

    15. This table lamp has USB ports that'll let you charge two devices at the same time!

    16. Poor lighting is the enemy of every makeup lover, but this LED light-up mirror means you can see exactly what you're doing. The magnifying panels it features will allow you to apply your eyeliner with even more precision!

    17. You can fill this gorgeous diffuser with your favourite essential oils to make your home feel (and smell) like a spa! It can also help with winter skin that tends to get dried out from all the central heating.

    18. Improve your working-from-home setup with this adjustable footrest that'll help to improve your sitting posture.

    19. The unique design and 'total immersion' process of the AeroPress means you'll end up with a perfectly made cup of coffee every time you use it – it's little wonder that it's got a 4.8-star average rating from over 7,000 reviews!

    ✨ £50 and under ✨

    20. Treat your tresses to this Coco and Eve set that includes their nourishing hair mask, a detangler, and a microfibre hair wrap that'll help to dry your hair faster than a regular towel would.

    21. This cult-status Australian pink clay mask by Sand and Sky more than lives up to the hype! It deeply cleanses the pores to leave you with a clearer and brighter complexion.

    22. Get that bouncy blowdried look at home with minimal effort thanks to this rotating BaByliss Big Hair hot brush! The large barrel will add volume to your locks while the ionic conditioning and soft bristles will make sure it's shiny and frizz-free.

    23. Make your room a little bit more ~magical~ with this LED star light projector! It has multiple light modes to choose from and you can play music through it too.

    24. This comforting weighted blanket mimics the feeling of a hug! It's designed to help you destress and get a more restful night's sleep.

    25. This compact Kenwood food processor will cut down the time it takes for you to prep dinner! It takes up hardly any kitchen space but has a generous 1.7-litre capacity that makes it ideal for everyday cooking.

    26. The Comfy definitely lives up to its name – it's a blanket you can wear!

    27. This bean bag has a raised back which makes it more comfortable to sit on than the regular kinds – it's perfect for gaming, or curling up with a good book.

    28. This powerful epilator by Braun has 40 close-grip tweezers that'll catch those shorter hairs with ease. It also features a massage system that helps to make epilation a bit more comfortable, and a pivoting head that'll contour to your body.