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21 Things That Will Make Girls With Long Hair Say "Sounds Fake, But OK"

A bottle of conditioner lasting you more than a fortnight.

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4. Putting sunglasses on the top of your head without this happening.

When you put your sunglasses in your hair then you take them off and there stuck so you end up looking like this.

7. Rolling the window down when you're in the car.

When someone opens the car window #longhairproblems


12. Wearing your hair down on a windy day and still being able to see properly.

13. And wearing lipgloss on a windy day without your hair getting stuck to it.

Lipgloss on a windy day..not my best decision

14. Doing a "messy bun" that isn't roughly the size of your head.

That awkward moment when your bun is bigger than you face.... #longhairproblems


19. Sitting on one of these chairs without putting your hair at risk.

#longhairproblems having it down at school and these chairs rip it out of your skull when you move :)))))