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19 Things All London Commuters Find Mildly Thrilling

The tube doors opened in front of me. I am the chosen one.

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2. When you make it through the tube doors just in time and you feel like you're in a movie.

Jumping on the tube just before the doors shut is the closest to being James Bond my life is ever going to get

A movie that involves spending 20 minutes on the Bakerloo line.

4. When the tube doors open right in front of you.

When the tube stops and the doors open right where you're standing and it feels like deliverance. step solemnly, humbly aboard.

"I must make a note of this day, for it is the day I was truly blessed."


6. When you manage to get a seat for the entire duration of your journey.

When you get a seat on a packed tube


10. And at that moment in time, it's like you own the carriage.

11. When you have a clear path to the escalators.

15. Especially when it sits on a seat, like a little commuter.

16. When you fall asleep for a bit but still wake up before you reach your stop.

Fell asleep on the Tube today for 40 minutes and woke up right when I got to my stop. Life is good.


18. When your phone automatically connects to the Wi-Fi.

Wifi on the tube is the best thing to happen to London ever