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    23 Things That Are Way Too Real If You've Been Single For Over A Year

    Being told you're "too fussy".

    1. People are incredibly keen to set you up with their mates.


    And then you hate their mate and spend your date with them wondering why your friend thought that you would like this person.

    2. You scoff at people who complain that they've been single for a couple of months.

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    Two months? You don't know my life. You don't know my struggle.

    3. Relatives stop asking about your love life.

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    Which is nice but also rude because they don't know that you haven't met someone.

    4. And nobody mentions that you can bring a plus-one to places.


    5. You're told by at least one awful person that you're "not trying hard enough".


    What does this mean? Are you meant to stand in the high street and hand out flyers declaring you're single and open to meeting someone?

    6. Or that you should take a class of sorts because you'll definitely meet someone there, even though they don't know anyone who that's actually worked for.


    Even though you met your boyfriend at work, and your previous one through a mate, you truly believe I will meet someone at a gym class?

    7. You also receive the contradicting advice that "it will happen when it happens", and then you won't know what to believe anymore.


    8. You'll go out to bars and pubs and realise nobody will approach you IRL because they're on their phones, on Tinder.


    9. You have enough experience to know that being ghosted is an annoyingly common occurrence.


    10. You begin to seriously question people's tastes, because you are really very dateable.


    11. Being told you're "too fussy" as an explanation of why you're single is the absolute worst.


    12. You go through your little black book, only to find most of the people are in relationships now.

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    13. You grow tired of seeing your Facebook feed filled with constant relationship status updates.


    14. And of seeing PDA on public transport when you're just trying to get home from work.

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    You're pretty sure you didn't do that when you were in a relationship.

    15. You're not 100% sure you actually remember how relationships work.


    What do you talk about? Where do you go? Do you run out of things to say?

    16. You experience at least one brief, fleeting moment of worrying that you actually won't meet anyone at all.


    17. Despite moments of cynicism, when your mates invite you out you start feeling a little optimistic.


    18. You sometimes develop fleeting and frequent crushes out of sheer boredom.


    "How's my love life? Well me and Greg had a good chat by the microwave at work, so..."

    19. Finding out your last single friend has met someone is a bittersweet experience.


    Super happy for them, but they were also the only person who you could have long conversations about shitty dates with.

    20. You have plenty of dating experiences that make you kind of grateful that you aren't with someone at the moment.


    21. You start to wonder if there's anyone out there you'll actually like.


    22. But this far into being single you're way over your last relationship, which is a pretty great feeling.


    23. And having this time to yourself means you can work out what you really want.


    And even though you complain sometimes, you're generally enjoying it.

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