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23 Things That Are Way Too Real If You've Been Single For Over A Year

Being told you're "too fussy".

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1. People are incredibly keen to set you up with their mates.


And then you hate their mate and spend your date with them wondering why your friend thought that you would like this person.


5. You're told by at least one awful person that you're "not trying hard enough".


What does this mean? Are you meant to stand in the high street and hand out flyers declaring you're single and open to meeting someone?

6. Or that you should take a class of sorts because you'll definitely meet someone there, even though they don't know anyone who that's actually worked for.


Even though you met your boyfriend at work, and your previous one through a mate, you truly believe I will meet someone at a gym class?


19. Finding out your last single friend has met someone is a bittersweet experience.


Super happy for them, but they were also the only person who you could have long conversations about shitty dates with.


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