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    18 Things That Happen If Your Friendship Group Is Way, Way Too Close

    You have an in-depth knowledge of their bathroom habits.

    1. Menstrual cycles are discussed so regularly that you can accurately predict when someone will start their period.


    2. And you always share the more visceral details of what's going on down there during that time.


    3. You have long discussions about all the unexpected places you've found body hair.


    4. And when you grow out your hair, you invite each other to touch it.

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    Nothing wrong with wanting to share your impressive leg-hair growth with your close friends.

    5. Sometimes you forget to rein it in when you're around other people and end up surprised when others are grossed out.


    6. You often go into excruciating detail about your sex lives.

    7. And you've probably given each other some fairly in-depth tips as well.


    8. You know literally everything about their partners before you meet them. Everything.

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    9. Because you all screenshot conversations to share in your group chat.

    10. Bumping into a friend's ex is extra uncomfortable because you'll suddenly remember all the weird, ~intimate~ details you've been told about them.

    11. It's no big deal for you to go to the bathroom in front of your friends.


    12. And you've FaceTimed before only to find out your friend is on the toilet.

    13. You feel comfortable to send each other photos of especially gross things.

    14. They're the only people you can talk to about all your bowel movements.


    15. And they often provide you with regular updates.

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    16. You don't bother sugarcoating things and saying you have a "dodgy tummy" when you're ill.


    17. They've probably witnessed your most embarrassing, grossest moments.

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    18. But that means you never feel ashamed around them, because your friend group is a no-judgment zone.

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