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    23 Things That Were Way Too True If You Grew Up Nerdy

    You've learnt that nobody in a group project is your friend.

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    1. Everyone always wanted to copy your homework.


    2. And this was your reaction whenever somebody asked:


    Except without the swearing because you would never swear.

    3. You often frequented the library, and were probably on great terms with the librarian.


    4. Your Christmas presents were pretty nerdy too.

    5. You would go all out when it came studying, and your walls looked like this: / Via ITV

    6. And you got very, very defensive during exam season.

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    Mainly because people would get weirdly chummy with you around that time.

    7. Getting anything less than the highest grade would deeply upset you.


    8. You were prepared for pretty much any stationary related emergency.

    9. You got called a teacher's pet more than once.


    10. When you knew the answer to a question, you'd basically give yourself whiplash to raise your hand in the air.

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    11. You felt a terrible sense of gut-wrenching guilt when you forgot about homework.


    12. And a slight sense of injustice when you did the homework and the teacher didn't ask for it.


    13. Getting new school supplies was one of your favourite things ever.

    14. You got super excited about World Book Day because you knew you'd get a voucher.

    15. And you were always competitive about how fast you could read a book.

    Fuji TV

    This always happened when a new Harry Potter book came out.

    16. You would insist on reading your book while eating dinner, and it always resulted in this.

    17. Your work was used as an example at some point.

    18. And you could never trust anyone in a group project.

    19. You really enjoyed TV shows that involved ~learning~.


    20. You were regularly guilty of staring at the teacher intensely whenever she was choosing someone to read a passage from the book.

    Warner Brothers


    21. And you felt really frustrated when you weren't chosen to read aloud, and had to listen to someone else do it.

    Comedy Central

    22. You pretended you weren't as smart so people wouldn't call you a nerd.


    Even though you definitely were.

    23. But now that you're older there's no need to lie anymore, because you're actually pretty proud of your nerdiness.

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