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    15 Things You Might Be Doing That Seriously Annoy Your Hair Stylist

    Expecting to go from jet-black hair to platinum blonde in an hour.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things people do that really annoy them at their jobs as hairstylists. Here are some of their responses!

    1. Not being honest about your colour history.

    2. Minimising how late you'll be if you know you won't be there at that time.

    3. Asking to have your hair cut out of your stylist's work hours because it's more convenient for you.

    4. Pointing out that you could get it done for cheaper by a friend.

    5. Not showing up for an appointment without calling ahead to let anyone know.

    6. Wanting a changed-up hairstyle without wanting to actually change anything.

    7. Expecting bold hair colour transformations to be cheap and with no damage whatsoever.

    8. Writing hairdressing off as an easy or fall-back career.

    9. Constantly moving your head while getting your hair washed.

    10. Expecting to go from dark hair to blonde in one session.

    11. Expecting a trim to be cheaper than a regular haircut.

    12. Giving no indication whatsoever as to what you'd like.

    13. Rushing stylists through their service.

    14. Wanting the soonest-possible appointment immediately after flaking out on the one you had.

    15. Wanting your hair to look like a specific photo but not wanting to do any of the styling involved to achieve it.

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