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18 Things All Slightly Gross Couples Have Done At Some Point

So much talking about poo.

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1. Told each other the in-depth details about when you get a dodgy stomach.


2. Bragged about a particularly great shitting experience.

Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

3. Encouraged each other to smell a particularly bad fart.

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4. Helped pop each other's spots.


5. Got stuck right in and removed something from the other one's teeth with your fingers.


6. Shown each other that random, inch-long hair you have.


7. Had chats while one of you sits on the toilet and poos.


8. Checked each other's ears and noses for earwax and bogeys respectively.

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9. And removed stray boogers for each other if need be.

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10. Done an armpit sniff when one of you wants to know if they smell.


11. And checked each other's breath.


12. Put your feet in each other's faces to annoy one another.


13. Burped with reckless abandon, and felt kind of impressed when one of you does a really loud one.


14. Paused in mid-conversation with your significant other because you needed to do a big fart.

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15. Licked each other in a nonsexual way just to be weird.

16. Picked up and disposed of each other's snotty tissues.


17. Helped each other remove ingrown hairs.


18. And texted or phoned each other while on the toilet just so that you can tell them what you're doing.

~true love~.
Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

~true love~.