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31 Things People Who Grew Up In A South Asian Household Just Get

A margarine tub is for so much more than holding margarine.

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1. You have one of these that's been passed down for generations.

And you have no idea where to procure one yourself.
Jasmin Nahar

And you have no idea where to procure one yourself.

2. You know that margarine tubs have a multitude of purposes.

Opening a margarine tub to find curry in it 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

And the disappointment of going to butter your toast and finding a container full of dal or curry instead.

3. The possibilities are truly endless.

Jasmin Nahar

4. Now that you think about it, biscuit tins were deceptive too.

Disappointment is when u open up one of these cookie boxes but find nani's sewing supplies instead #growingupdesi πŸ˜­πŸ™ˆ

Nothing is what it seems.

5. You know the struggle of haldi staining your fingers an unflattering shade of bright yellow.

#GrowingUpPunjabi trying to get rid of haldi stains from your fingers after roti was the hardest (still is)

And RIP to all those permanently stained tupperware boxes.

6. You watched this movie more times than you can remember.

watching this about 10000000 times #growingupindian

And it still makes you a bit emotional.

7. But nothing compared to the Indian E.T.

8. When your parents said it was time to leave a relative’s house, they would then have a good half hour chat at the front door.

Is your family really Indian if there isn't a 30 min goodbye at the door, 30 min on the driveway and 30 min from the car?

"Chalo, we're leaving now". But are we though?

9. You were often forced to watch Star Plus, even if you didn't understand what was happening.

They should make a gogglebox for fed up asians who are forced by their mums and grans to watch star plus.

10. But you never tired of those dramatic close ups.

Walkwater Media / Star Plus

This signalled some major shit was going down.

11. ...or the slaps.

Walkwater Media / Star Plus

The drama of it all.

12. If a relative offered you money, your parents would make you insist that you couldn't possibly accept it.

#GrowingUpIndian always pretending you dont want money or gifts from other people but you do

Sometimes your parents would even refuse on your behalf. Or, if the money was a birthday present, insist that it was "too much".

13. This was a vital ingredient in most of your dinners.

And you were always a bit paranoid that the smell of curry was on your clothes.
Jasmin Nahar

And you were always a bit paranoid that the smell of curry was on your clothes.

14. A cake rusk was the preferred tea-dipping snack of choice.

Sometimes Pakistani chai and cake rusk #KCB #CakeRusk #Tea

When it comes to optimum tea-absorption, the humble rusk is unrivalled.

15. You had to explain to non-Asian friends that you're not actually related to the person you just called uncle.

#GrowingUpAsian My parents always telling me to call everyone auntie and uncle... Now idk who I'm really related to.

16. There were a lot of superstitions that you didn't really understand...

You guys are excited about this eclipse but my mom isnt letting me eat dinner till it passes because of some desi superstition the fuck

17. Like this one that left you anxious about never growing.

My brother walked over me so I made him walk over me again only so I don't stay short. #BengaliSuperstition

18. And if you sneezed before heading out, you couldn't leave straight away because y'know.

When ur Punjabi & try so hard not to sneeze before going somewhere cause moms about to make u wait 5mins cause u sneezed &its bad luck lol

So many superstitions.

19. You had one of these blankets lying around.

Be honest you've got one of these, every Asian household tbh

Bonus points if it had a lion or a tiger print on it.

20. When it was your birthday your family would insist on feeding you a bit of your cake.

#growingupdesi having your family feed you cake at your birthday parties with your friends all confused

Sometimes the photograph would mess up, so you'd have to get fed by the same relative repeatedly.

21. Your family refused to accept you might not be hungry sometimes.

#growingupindian your grandma will never leave you hungry

"No thank you, I've already eaten"

"Okay, I'll just make you two parathas".

22. There was not an ailment on God's green earth that couldn't be fixed with paracetamol.

Why do Asian parents think paracetamol's the answer to everything like I have a blocked nose wots paracetamol gonna do

23. There was a giant bag of this taking up space in your house.

Yall know bout #elephantatta #takingrandompics #imbored

24. Whilst at school/college/university your conversation with relatives centred on one question...β€œHow’s your studies?”

#GrowingUpIndian going to relatives house and let them ask you 999 questions about your education and personal life

25. And if you accidentally stepped on a book, you were in deep shit.

Don't throw books or even accidently step on them because it's disrespectful to step on education. #GrowingUpIndian

26. Studying was important, but your parents knew of another thing that could affect your exam results.

When your parents gave you almonds before a test #GrowingUpPakistani

Almonds = Straight As. Maybe.

27. You had a needlessly fancy tissue box, or knew someone who did.

Every Indian house had one of these... and even in some cars! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

That velvety texture tho.

28. You learned early on that a wedding is more than just a day...

Asian weddings are so long and stressful man😭

It's about four days, which culminates in all of your uncles dancing ostentatiously to bhangra whilst you clap politely on the outskirts of the dancefloor.

29. And they're a prime opportunity for family members to start talking about you getting married.

Yash Raj Films / Via

It doesn't matter if you're young, single AF, or both, someone will say "When we get you married..."

30. Now you're older you see there's the odd upside to these weddings...

I'm glad Asian weddings are so long because if u see a buffting at one event u will see them like 2/3 more times

31. Though the main upside is the food.

The only reason I go to Asian weddings is for biriyani. Like god bless the couple and all but god needs to bless me with a plate of biriyani

You're just there for free pakoras tbh.