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    18 Things You'll Know If Eyeliner Is Your Favourite Makeup Item

    Eyeliner not going right is 100% an OK reason to be in a bad mood.

    1. You've tried all different kinds of eyeliner, so now you're something of an expert.

    2. All your eyeliner experience means that usually you can get it completely perfect.

    3. So it feels confusing when, despite all your practise, it still goes wrong.

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    4. You get through so much of it that you constantly have to restock.

    Jasmin nahar / BuzzFeed

    You probably have seven eyeliners but only one that hasn't dried out.

    5. And because buying so much eyeliner can end up costing loads, you know all about the best inexpensive ones.

    6. You have plenty of these for correcting minor mistakes.

    7. You're always low-key checking out other people's eyeliner.

    Cartoon Network

    8. You tried out a whole bunch of different styles before settling one the one you have now.

    9. Sometimes bad eyeliner has the power to piss you off for most of the day.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    10. But when your eyeliner is perfect, you feel pretty unstoppable.

    Yash Raj Films

    11. You can't resist turning your hand into an eyeliner canvas when you go shopping.

    12. You can completely suppress the urge to rub your eyes, because you know it's not worth smearing your eyeliner for.

    Marvel / Disney

    13. You can even appreciate good "eyeliner" looks in nature.

    Twitter: @TheAnimalVines

    Labradors also have excellent "eyeliner" btw.

    14. No matter what other makeup you're wearing, you don't consider yourself "done" until you have eyeliner on.

    Youtube: mayratouchofglam / Via

    15. So while you don't mind rushing your foundation or concealer, you refuse to rush your eyeliner.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    16. Even if it means you end up running behind schedule.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    17. Complimenting your eyeliner is definitely the quickest way to your heart.

    18. But your favourite people are those who ask you for eyeliner tips, even if all you can say is "hope for the best".


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