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    16 Things Every Girlfriend Is A Little Bit Guilty Of Doing

    Putting your freezing cold feet on your partner.

    1. Having different concepts of time when it comes to how long you and your S.O. spend on your phones:

    You and your girl can both be on y’alls phones for like 30 minutes. She puts hers down and asks you “why are you always on your phone?”

    2. And feeling secretly smug when they die in the game they're playing:

    the look your girl gives you when you finally die in the game you been playing and now your attention has to go to her

    3. Using your partner as a heat pad for your freezing cold feet:

    my boyfriend: get your cold feet off of me me:

    4. Struggling to follow through on your plans to give the silent treatment:

    5. Not letting an argument truly die until you have said what you have to say:

    "I'm not about to argue with you right now so chill out" Your girl: "OK BUT... EYE... AM... ABOUT... TO... AR... GUE... WITH... YOU... THO"

    6. Having a code for expressing your dismay:

    How to know when a girl is mad 1. “okay” 2. “have fun” 3. “thats fine lol” 4. *left on delivered* 5. anything followed by “lol” 6. maybe another time there won’t be another time

    7. Missing your love when they're right next to you:

    Girls will pre-miss you, im leaving in 6 hours fam why are you sad already?

    8. Using some variation of the line "that must have been your other girlfriend":

    *asking my girl if she remembers a meaningful experience we had together* my girl: nah wRONG BITCH me:

    9. Not knowing where to eat, ever:

    Her for the 15th time: “I’m hungry” Me: “WHERE do u want to EAT ?”😑

    10. Grabbing your partner's butt at inopportune times:

    *Boyfriend walks in front of me* My brain: Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Don't do it Me: Grabs his butt.

    11. Understanding that there is kind of a difference between someone asking you if you want to come over and someone inviting you to:

    Me: You can come over Her: But do you want me to come over ? Me:

    12. And making them do a detour so that you can grab the snack you want:

    Me waiting in the car after I make him drive me 11 minutes for a slurpie & I also make him go inside and get it

    13. Feeling mildly infuriated in situations where you don't want logic applied to your problem, but rather someone to agree and be overdramatic with you:

    i hate ranting to my boyfriend because he’ll use sound logic and reasoning and i’m really just looking for someone to be just as overdramatic about the situation as i am

    14. Giving out roasts but struggling to take them:

    when my boyfriend says something mean after three minutes of me making fun of him

    15. But also appreciating even the little things:

    When you give your girl something small and she overly appreciates it cause she in love w yo ass

    16. And knowing how to take really good pictures of the person you love even when the courtesy is never extended to you:

    me taking pics of my bf vs. him taking pics of me

    Seriously, get better at taking pictures of us!