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    21 Things Every Couple Who's Completely Obsessed With Food Will Understand

    "Serves two" is a huge lie and both of you know it.

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    1. The only kind of date nights worth doing are ones that involve food.

    2. And you both know that the best gifts are ones you can eat.

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    Say it with flour (and eggs, butter, sugar, and chocolate chips).

    3. You plan all your days together around meal times.

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    4. You love cooking for each other.

    5. Although sharing food rarely comes into the equation.


    You're both totally willing to respect that.

    6. When a recipe says "serves two", you know you're probably going to have to double it.

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    How could anyone think ONE pizza is enough for TWO people?

    7. Letting your other half have the last bit of food is a pretty big deal.


    8. Or giving them the bigger half when you split a snack.

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    That's how you know it's true love.

    9. Most of your conversations revolve around your favourite topic.

    10. And when you go to a new place together, the first thing you do is work out where to eat.


    Holidays are mostly about getting to try loads of new and different foods.

    11. You never have to worry about only one of you wanting dessert.

    12. And you never have to compromise on where you go to eat, because you both love all food.

    13. Between you, you'll always meet the delivery minimum.


    And then some.

    14. Most of your disagreements happen when you’re both hungry.


    15. These are your favourite kind of messages to receive.

    16. And you're always sending each other links to new restaurants you want to try out.

    17. There's nothing better than waking up and realising your partner is already making breakfast.

    Cameron made me breakfast in bed. I'm so in love 😭😍

    18. If you're apart but have cooked something amazing, you send each other pictures so they can appreciate your genius.

    / Make them feel really jealous and remind them that they should never leave you again.

    19. Your Instagram feeds are pretty much just pictures of food you've eaten together.

    20. When you go out to eat and the whole menu looks amazing, you order as much as possible and just share it all.

    21. And you keep business cards and receipts from all the nicest restaurants you've been to together.

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    Because all your best memories obviously involve food.

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