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21 Things Every Couple Who's Completely Obsessed With Food Will Understand

"Serves two" is a huge lie and both of you know it.

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1. The only kind of date nights worth doing are ones that involve food.

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4. You love cooking for each other.

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And you're always proud when they really enjoy your meal.


11. You never have to worry about only one of you wanting dessert.

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12. And you never have to compromise on where you go to eat, because you both love all food.

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17. There's nothing better than waking up and realising your partner is already making breakfast.

Cameron made me breakfast in bed. I'm so in love 😭😍

19. Your Instagram feeds are pretty much just pictures of food you've eaten together.

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AKA the best kind of Instagram feeds.

20. When you go out to eat and the whole menu looks amazing, you order as much as possible and just share it all.

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