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23 Things You'll Understand If You're In A Committed Relationship With Your Hair Straighteners

The rain is pretty much your arch nemesis.

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2. You live in fear of them breaking, because these things aren't cheap.

Good start to the day only gone and broke my hair straighteners

3. But you do spend a fair bit of time thinking about the lovely new ones you'll buy when your current ones give up the ghost.

5. Because you wouldn't dream of going on holiday without your beloved. You even have a little case for them.

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6. You've experienced the embarrassment of using your straighteners for a full ten minutes without noticing they're turned off.

Warner Brothers

"Why did these become shit overnight have they broken oh my god this is...nope. Nope. My bad. Continue".


8. You know straightening your hair in the morning is a big commitment, because once you've started you can't go back.

Instagram: @torimccullar

9. You're unimpressed when you have to use straighteners that aren't the exact same as the ones you have.


"What the hell are these, my hair is accustomed to FINERY!" you scream internally, and then you use them anyway because rubbish straighteners are better than no straighteners.

11. Years of straightening experience means that nowadays you never forget to do the back.

Goodness I hate when I forget to straighten the back of my hair. Just pisses me off like uhhhhh.


12. But the odd injury does still happen.

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15. But if needs be, you will go to great lengths to protect your hair from the elements.

The lengths Annie and I go to to stop our hair getting wet..


19. Though you could mix things up if you wanted, because you're such a straightener expert you can even curl with them.

Instagram: @laraheimao

20. You've spent the past few years trying and testing every heat protection product under the sun.

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