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    22 Things That Happen When You're A Daycare Worker

    You often come home covered in paint, glitter and gloop.

    1. You end up getting colds all the times because illnesses get passed around so quickly.

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    2. You constantly have all the songs from work stuck in your head.

    3. You get annoyed when people assume your job must be really easy.


    "You just hang out with kids all day" – someone who does not understand your job, at all.

    4. You learn to not be squeamish about poo.

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    Once you've had to stop a kid from trying to eat their own poo, very little fazes you.

    5. And you become accustomed to dealing with sick without being sick yourself.


    6. You're forever finding pens or pencils in your hair when you get home.

    7. You're always finding random bits of paint on you.

    8. And during Christmas time you come home covered in sparkles and glitter.

    9. There's some books that you can recite in your sleep.

    10. If you injure yourself at work, you come home with these.

    11. You say "oh dear" about a dozen times a day.

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    12. You become really efficient at changing nappies.


    13. At some point, probably while changing nappies, you've been peed on.


    14. You're pretty familiar with "gloop".

    15. You're prone to finding an array of weird things in your pockets at the end of the day.

    16. You know that helping with potty training can be a challenging experience.


    17. But when it goes well, you feel so damn proud.


    18. The days that you get to dress up, like World Book Day, are pretty fun.

    19. You learn to be incredibly patient, which helps when you meet the occasional rude parent.


    20. But you usually get loads of gifts at Christmas from appreciative ones.

    21. You become an expert at minding your language.


    22. And when children leave the nursery, it actually makes you pretty emotional.

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