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    22 Things All Emo Girls Owned In The '00s

    Fingerless skeleton gloves so you could be like Frank Iero.

    1. Criminal Damage skinny jeans with skeleton hands on the butt.

    Depop: Beth (@tinnabeans_) / Via

    2. Or these ripped ones with lace panels.

    Found my 'emo phase' jeans oh Jesus

    Also available in pink lace, but that wasn't as emo.

    3. A pair of black and white chequered Vans.

    4. And for dressier occasions, some creepers.

    5. Or a pair of flashy Iron Fist heels.

    Iron Fist / Via

    6. A copy of The Umbrella Academy when the cover looked like this.

    7. One of these studded belts.

    Emiliotorres81 / Getty Images

    8. A t-shirt from Drop Dead clothing.

    9. A "Wolfbeater" bag.

    10. A Skeleanimals plush.

    11. A Jack Daniels t-shirt even though you weren't old enough to drink alcohol.

    Grindstore / Via

    12. Anything from Clandenstine Industries.

    13. A pair of black Converse.

    Office / Via

    An important part of the emo uniform.

    14. A Jack Skellington hoodie.

    Disney Store / Via

    15. A few colourful clip-in hair extensions.

    found these from my very intense emo phase that was years ago...........

    For those of us who weren't allowed to dye our hair.

    16. This "Wishbone" dress, or anything that looked kind of like an X-ray.

    Iron Fist / Via

    17. Clothes that had an "evil" version of a cartoon character on them.

    Cupcake Cult / Osiris Clothing / Via

    18. Stacks on stacks of these rubber wristbands.

    When u were emo and only wanted rubber wrist bands #emolife #forever

    19. Or during the colder months, sweatbands.

    Hahaha I love this. #famousstarsandstraps #nfg #anarchy #theused #wristbands #emo #throwback

    20. A pair of fingerless gloves, with bonus points if they were lace-up.

    Claire's Accessories / Via

    21. Fingerless skeleton gloves, like the ones Frank Iero wore.

    22. And finally, a Black Parade jacket.

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