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17 Baking GIFs That Are So Satisfying They're Borderline Erotic

That rising bread dough, though.

1. Just look at the rise and fall of these cookies as they bake.

2. And this cake, spinning as it's drizzled so ~smoothly~ in icing.

3. This seamless spiral of a soon-to-be giant macaron.

4. This icing stopping at just the right moment .

5. This piping is the thing dreams are made of.

6. This bread is positively rising to the heavens.

7. And this icing, swirling to the top!

8. Just watch that satisfying slicing of cookie dough.

9. This glaze is setting unrealistic beauty standards.

10. As is the golden toastyness of this s'more.

11. This spiral of icing is hypnotising.

12. This filigree is just so mesmerising.

13. This cake, this cake is spinning toward smoothness.

14. As is this one. Look at that frosting go.

15. Behold this braided bread that looks so delicate and yet so sturdy.

16. The glorious expansion of this dough.

17. And this slow, perfect plunge into some sponge.