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    13 Texts You Send Your Crush Vs. What You Really Mean

    "I'm just out with some friends" = "I'm at home in my pyjamas eating pasta".

    1. When you want to show off your thriving social life.

    2. Though sometimes you'll admit you're just having a standard evening in doing... normal things.

    3. When they want to see your face but you're not feeling quite your best.

    4. When you are committed to keeping the conversation alive.

    5. When you send them a breezy, casual invitation.

    6. Because you're just really chilled about these things.

    7. When you're not ready to find out if they dislike the things and places you like.

    8. When you need to know they're committed to your date.

    9. When you want to appear to be very in-demand.

    10. When you just cooly pulled some date location out of your head, with no preparation at all, honestly.

    11. When you try to send a ~sexy~ message.

    12. When your stomach sabotages your romantic plans.

    13. And when you're just trying to show some foresight for the evening ahead.