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    19 Tea Truths All British People Will Just Get

    If you haven't already drunk tea from a Sports Direct mug, you will at some point in your life.

    1. People who don't check how milky you like your tea aren't to be trusted.

    2. And nor are those who swish the teabag around in the water for a few seconds instead of brewing it.


    3. You're a little bit suspect of people who say "what kind of tea?" when making you a cup.

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    No PG Tips though?

    4. No matter how well you salvage a dropped biscuit, there will always be some gross mushy shit at the bottom of the cup afterwards.

    5. And ~experimenting~ with what you dunk is an incredibly risky move.

    6. You'll inevitably drink tea out of this mug.

    7. And because they hold so much damn tea, you'll feel incredibly proud when you finish a cuppa from one.

    Twitter: @KatarinaHardy

    Even if you constantly need to pee for the rest of the day.

    8. Chugging the last, cold remnants of a cup of tea is the actual worst.


    9. And you will resort to some pretty desperate measures before microwaving your tea to heat it back up.

    10. If you drink it with no sugar, you'll look down on people who take sugar, and they will look down on people who take more sugar than they do.

    Warner Brothers

    It's a vicious chain of tea judgement.

    11. Accidentally spilling milk as you're making your tea is a horrible, horrible feeling.

    12. And you've learnt the hard way to be cautious when using milk a little bit past the sell-by-date.

    13. Finding teabags sold in bulk is a thrilling occasion.

    Just thought you would like to appreciate a picture of my brother with a massive bag of teabags...

    14. Tea from anywhere but a person's house will always taste at least a little bit rubbish.

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    15. "Can you pop the kettle on?" will always sound politer than "can you make me tea?" even though they mean the exact same thing.

    Channel 4

    16. And someone not making you tea when you go to their house dramatically lowers your opinion of them.

    17. Being made tea by someone for the first time makes you feel all nervous.

    BBC One

    So much room for error.

    18. Especially when you see them put milk in first.

    Jasmin nahar / BuzzFeed

    You're not pouring it into some fine china, you're pouring it into a "Best friend" mug you got from Tesco, putting milk in first is unnecessary.

    19. But even when tea is shit, you'll end up drinking it out of politeness.

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