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    Tails.com Are Offering 75% Off Your First Box, So It's Time To Treat Your Pet To Some Personalised Dog Food

    Get the best for your pet at a fraction of the usual price!

    Anyone who's walked into a pet shop will know that when it comes to dog food, there's an overwhelming amount of choice and it can be hard to know which one is right for your dog.

    Enter: tails.com! They'll create tailor-made, vet-approved dog food based on the info about your pet that you provide them with and deliver it to your door every month. And right now you can get 75% off your first box with the code BUZZ75.

    And you can even mention any areas of concern around health (weight, joints etc), which will be factored into the end result too! There's (quite literally) over a million potential combinations, so you can be pretty confident that what you end up with is specifically for your dog.

    I even filled their pet questionnaire out for my dog Princess, and it was really straightforward but still thorough. Once you reach the end it tells you how many calories your dog needs a day, and then you just pop in your email to receive the tailored recipe and feeding plan!

    You won't even need to switch food as they get older and their needs change, as tails.com will just adjust the recipe to fit what best suits your dog throughout different stages of their life.

    The prices per month vary depending on the size of your dog, with a toy dog's monthly price costing £10.44 on average and a giant breed's costing around £39.03.

    Alongside dry food, you can get wet food added onto your order if you prefer to mix that in with the kibble. Plus there's the option to include treats too, so your pet really will be sorted for the whole month.

    So if you're keen to treat your dog to something made just for them, head over to tails.com, use the code BUZZ75, and order your first box for 75% cheaper than usual!