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    23 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You're Overly Polite

    "No, you go first, I insist".

    1. Getting off the phone is quite the stressful experience.

    I like when you're trying to get off the phone but you're also very polite OK Yea- Chee- OK Yea- Got it OK By- Cheers Thank- Now OK Bye-bye

    2. When you hear a sneeze and you want to say "bless you" but also don't want to look weird.

    When someone sneezes but they're too far away to say bless you but you're polite as hell and you still feel like yelling it across the room

    3. The internal conflict when you're not sure if you should give up your seat to an old person or if they'll be offended because maybe they're not as old as you think they are.

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    4. Because you expect people to be polite, it shocks you when someone is even just a little bit rude.

    5. Holding the door open for one person, but then ending up stood there as an entire stampede of people come through.

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    6. When someone gets your name wrong and the window of time to correct them has passed and you think, "Well, I guess this is my name now".

    7. Ditto when they mispronounce it.

    I've literally lived a life of people pronouncing my last name wrong because I'm too polite to say anything

    8. When someone is sitting in your reserved seat on the train but you don't have the heart to tell them.

    9. Saying "thank you" completely out of context, just because you're so used to saying it.

    I'm way too polite to people who don't deserve it... Example, I just said Thank you to a vending machine.

    10. And the same goes for "sorry".

    do you ever feel you might be too polite? I just knocked the lampshade, and said "sorry"

    11. Being late back to the office because a charity-clipboard person engaged you in conversation.

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    You wanted to grab a sandwich for lunch but now you've signed up for a direct debit of £5 a month so that's good too.

    12. Reaching a stalemate with fellow polite passengers when there’s a free seat on the bus.

    When you're stood next to a stranger on a busy bus and a nearby seat frees up but you're both too polite to sit on it. #BritishProblems

    13. Letting someone have the last biscuit even though you really, really wanted that chocolate digestive.

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    14. Buying things you don’t want and can’t afford so as not to look rude to the salesperson.

    When you're too polite to a sales woman and end up spending £30 on a moisturiser 😁🙈

    "This stranger, who I may never meet again, is going to surely hate me if I don't buy something" you think to yourself as you wearily put in your PIN number.

    15. Eating food you didn't want, because the waiter got your order wrong and you don't want to kick up a fuss.

    16. Getting a haircut that you hate and having to smile and say "I love it!".

    17. The difficulty of rejecting unwanted romantic advances.

    I really want to go on First Dates but I'm scared they'd pair me with a weirdo and I'm too polite to turn people down so we'd end up married

    "I'll go on one date, to be polite." "Okay, two dates." "Well, I guess we're in a relationship now."

    18. Engaging in the game of politeness one-upmanship.

    Encountered that very British problem of people being too polite to go first around a mini roundabout "after you" "no you go first" #justgo!

    19. Getting a text from a number you don't recognise but not wanting to ask who it is.

    20. Apologising to someone about the fact that you apologise too much.

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    "Stop apologising so much!" "Sure thing, sorry!"

    21. When someone makes your tea wrong but you smile and drink it anyway so as not to offend them.

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    22. Having your politeness mistaken for fancying someone.

    23. And not knowing how to leave busy social gatherings in a polite way, so instead just disappearing from them without a trace.

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    You're not going to interrupt the evening of two-dozen people to say bye individually, but you don't want to draw attention to yourself by loudly declaring that you're leaving.