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21 Struggles Everyone Who's Basically A Human Radiator Will Understand

Trying to sleep during summer is practically impossible.

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1. You always have to drink loads of water as you're permanently dehydrated.


2. You hate being in the car with people who don't share your struggle, as they won't want the window down.


3. Wearing long sleeves just feels positively stifling.

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You need to feel the breeze on your arms.

4. You end up facing "won't you get cold?" comments about how you dress, because even in winter you can't wrap up in loads of layers.

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5. Buying an oscillating fan in the summer isn't enough – you need at least two.

6. You wear your PJs to lounge around the house rather than in bed, because otherwise you'd feel uncomfortable AF.


7. Staying at a friend's or relative's house is difficult because you feel kind of weird about sleeping naked.

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8. And at home you have the constant conflict of not wanting to be wrapped in sweaty sheets but also wanting to feel all cosy.

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9. Usually during the summer, sleep just eludes you.


10. When it's a hot and sunny day, you're the only one who wants the sweet, sweet respite of rain.


11. Being on public transport with no air conditioning is a special kind of hell for you.


12. In fact, being anywhere without air conditioning is a special kind of hell.

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13. You end up getting worried that other people are annoyed by your need to blast the AC whenever you can.


14. In winter, you resent anyone in your house putting the heating on earlier than completely necessary.


Unless it reaches arctic temperatures, you can definitely do without it.

15. Going to someone's home and finding out they're very liberal with putting their thermostat up is an actual nightmare.


16. You rarely get to enjoy the cold side of the pillow.


Because your warmth instantly transfers onto it.

17. You're constantly torn between wanting a hot drink but knowing it will only aggravate the situation.


18. You have to deal with randomly feeling sweaty even if you've not exerted yourself.

19. So your makeup usually sweats off unless you use an industrial-strength setting spray.


20. If you have an S.O., they end up constantly huddling up to you for warmth during the winter months.

"YOUR HANDS ARE SO WARM. Do you mind if I use them as hand warmers for a while?"

21. And while cuddling up seems lovely, you usually feel too damn hot.

Seriously, being a human radiator can be lonely AF.
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Seriously, being a human radiator can be lonely AF.