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    19 Slightly Odd Things Everyone Obsessed With Stationery Has Done At Some Point

    Mourned the loss of your favourite pen as if it were a person.

    1. Took your time using a new notebook because it was too beautiful to write in.

    2. And then spent way too long deciding what to write on the first page because it must be perfect.

    3. Lied and said you didn't have a pen when someone asked, because you didn't trust them to return it.


    4. And mourned the loss of a favourite pen as if it were a person.


    Especially when you forgot where you bought it. Will you ever find such a perfect one again?

    5. Bought a notebook only to realise it didn't have the right "vibe" for anything you felt like writing.

    Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    6. Written something but decided it would fit better in another notebook, so copied it out again.

    7. Insisted on only using one type of pen and felt all wrong when you use any other.

    8. Bought a cute eraser with no intention of ever using it. / BuzzFeed

    You would never sully your beautiful erasers with pencil marks.

    9. Felt heartbroken when you've bought a notebook only to discover it's ruled in a way you don't like.

    Thinkstock / Twitter: @annfupanda

    So when you write in it your handwriting just looks wrong.

    10. Sniffed the pages of a new notebook.

    The WB

    Because it's the best smell.

    11. Bought multiple diaries for one year.

    12. And loads of notebooks way before you've finished any of the ones you already have.

    13. Made mood boards for your stationery inspiration.

    14. Daydreamed about what your perfect stationery range, which doesn't yet exist, would look like.


    15. Gone to the supermarket with the intention of buying the essentials, and come out with half their stationery aisle.

    16. Mentally listed stationery shops you need to visit, even if they're pretty far away.

    17. Slightly judged people for using a stationery brand you don't like.


    18. Used your hand as a makeshift bit of paper when you've gone pen shopping.

    Jasmin Nahar

    Because you have to test the ~flow~ of the pens.

    19. And bought stationery when you've not been sure what its purpose is, because it looked so damn nice.