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    18 Slightly Gross Experiences Everyone Who Sheds A Lot Of Hair Will Understand

    It gets everywhere.

    1. The water in the shower starting to rise up because your hair has clogged the drain.

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    2. And then having to remove the hair from the drain.

    3. Brushing your hair and watching the floor transform before your eyes.

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    4. And trying to pull all your hair from the vacuum cleaner.

    5. Finding a little spidery-looking hair ball amongst your laundry when you take it out of the washing machine.

    6. Wiping when you go to the bathroom and finding hair from your head on the paper.


    7. Getting out something from your pocket and finding the odd hair mingled in there.

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    Nothing like pulling out your headphones and finding hair weaved around them.

    8. Or hugging someone and seeing one of your hairs dangling on them but not knowing what to do.


    9. Pulling all the dead hair from your brush and having enough to fashion a wig.

    10. Finding a hair in your food and being pissed about it, before realising it's your own hair.


    11. Seeing a little (or big) hair monster on your floor and being startled.

    12. Shedding your hair and a strand ending up in your mouth.


    13. Putting on socks but realising there was a hair in there that then wraps around your feet.

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    14. Brushing your hair before going out and ending up coated in your own hair.

    15. Having to cut out all the hair that gets stuck to your hair tie.

    16. Your significant other needing to extract your hair off of them.

    17. Finding little swirls of hair stuck to your arms or legs when you get out of the shower and peeling them off.

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    18. And of course, pulling out the ones that have made their way to your butt.

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