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    17 Skills All Picky Eaters Have Pretty Much Mastered

    Picking out the ingredients you just can't stand.

    1. Detecting an ingredient you don't like no matter how well it's hidden.


    2. Ensuring not even a crumb of food is in contact with a different bit of food.

    3. Picking a safe menu option even when the descriptions are super vague.


    4. And becoming an expert researcher when choosing restaurants to make sure they have at least one thing you'll like.


    5. Managing to pick out all of an ingredient you don't like, even if there's loads of it.

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    Not today, peas. Not today.

    6. Or just eating around it.

    7. If need be, scraping away every single trace of something you can't stand.

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    Although the taste still lingers.

    8. Disguising your true feelings when you're eating at someone's house and there's an ingredient you don't like.


    9. And managing to be discreet if you truly can't stand it.

    10. Memorising all the things you definitely don't want in your burger.

    11. Helping your loved ones remember the sometimes confusing particulars of what it is you do like.


    "Yes, I love Chinese food but only if there are no beansprouts in the stir fry, and we can go for dim sum but make sure to only get me the prawn ones and..."

    12. Being able to eat the same meals again and again without getting bored.

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    13. But knowing how to be ~creative~ so it doesn't feel too similar all the time.

    You have dozens of variations on chicken and pasta.

    14. Finding little ways to make some foods slightly more tolerable.

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    15. Dissecting food to get to the bits you actually like.

    16. Meticulously preparing back-up plans when you're going to eat somewhere ~risky~.


    "Right, if this turns out to be horrible I have a choice of three takeaways that are on the drive home."

    17. And staying calm when someone says "just try it!!"