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21 Sitcom Clichés That Seriously Annoy The Fuck Out Of People

Seriously, why do women often sleep with a full face of makeup on?

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which sitcom clichés annoy them the most. Here are some of their responses!

1. One character becoming progressively less intelligent throughout the show.

2. People's children hardly ever being featured unless it's for a specific plot point.

3. Episodes that have a kid doing a science project that's invariably about the solar system or volcanoes.

4. People always eating Chinese food straight from the containers.

5. Dads being useless but fun, and mums being long-suffering nags.

6. Women wearing a full face of makeup to go to sleep.

7. Men ending up with a medical problem that puts them in pain at the same time a female character is going into labour.

8. Everyone living in inexplicably nice apartments that they definitely wouldn’t be able to afford.

9. Random siblings popping up for an episode or two to cause some conflict.

10. Anyone with glasses always being shown as smart but unpopular.

11. Episodes that take place in the past or future showing a character looking super different, which can be hard to believe when that character has looked the same for years on the show.

12. An "attractiveness gap" between couples that means women are always the more conventionally attractive partner.

13. Women going into labour at super inconvenient times.

14. Will-they-won't-they couples rarely being allowed to be happy once they're together.

15. People getting into a job industry with little experience or qualifications.

16. Shows having one person who everybody hates and is mean to, with no real reasoning behind it.

17. Women who don't want children becoming parents, even if that storyline doesn't fit with their personality.

18. And characters who really want children are always the ones who struggle to conceive.

19. A group of friends all dating other people within the group.

20. A regular table constantly being available at the group's local hangout.

21. And characters waking up in the morning and being completely shocked by who they've slept with the night before.

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