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    21 Signs You're In A Relationship With Your Dog

    Nights in with your dog > everything else.

    1. You're starting to look like each other. / Via

    Even if that is only because you buy them matching clothes.

    2. And you're constantly telling them just how much you love them.

    I believe that if you love someone you should tell them. And that's why I tell my dog I love him everyday

    3. You love to spoil them on their birthday.

    4. As well as Christmas.

    5. Sometimes you get them presents, just because.

    6. Even when you're asleep, they occupy your thoughts.

    I had a dream about my dog cuddling me and now I wanna cry

    7. You use their photo as a background for everything.

    Jasmin Nahar

    8. Naturally, there's the occasional argument.

    I just got into an argument with my dog and I think she won

    "I can't throw the ball if you don't let me take the ball oh my god you are BEING SO IRRATIONAL".

    9. Sometimes it's over who hogs the bed.

    10. Or who's taking up too much space on the sofa.

    Do you think the dog looks comfy taking up the entire sofa?

    11. You're always looking out for them.

    I scratch my dog's itches so he doesn't have to scratch them. I think I'm in a relationship with my dog. 😂

    12. And you hate the idea of hurting their feelings.

    What's a nice way to tell my dog his breath stinks

    13. You love going out together. Whether it's going out for a drink...

    So my GF @bungles007 hid the keys so well I am now locked out with the dog whilst she's in Edinburgh. Had to pub it.

    14. Or a trip to the beach.

    15. You never run out of lovely things to say to them.

    I always tell my dog she's beautiful & I'm pretty sure she thinks it her name now bc she will only come to me when I call her that

    16. And you have a ton of nicknames for them that nobody else would understand.

    if my dog could talk, she'd probably say something like "stop calling me fart baby. that is not a fun nickname for me"

    17. You've mastered the art of the couple selfie.

    18. You serenade them once in a while, to keep that romance thriving.

    Me serenading my dog and her hating me

    19. You'll find a way to keep in touch when you're apart.

    Today was a success because I got to FaceTime my dog and he misses me

    20. But whenever possible, you'll rush to be by their side.

    - go out for dinner, intending to stay out past midnight - 11pm: start thinking about the dog - rush home to be with the dog by 12am

    21. Because nothing compares to a night in with your dog.

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