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    23 Things You Know If Your Starbucks Obsession Has Gotten Out Of Control

    You reached Gold Level some time ago.

    1. When you go into other coffee chains you feel a little bit panicky because nothing makes sense.


    "What is your version of a Caramel Macchiato?"

    2. And you're shocked if it doesn't taste as sweet as what you're used to.

    Cartoon Network / Via FYEAHADVENTURETIME.COM

    "What syrup did you put in this? None?"

    3. Although you're low-key astounded by how cheap it is in comparison.


    The idea of being able to buy a small coffee for less than £3 is kind of tempting.

    4. You've bought a bunch of these mugs to have the ~experience~ at home.

    5. And you've bought all the syrups to make the drinks yourself.

    6. These are your preferred souvenirs when going abroad.

    7. The baristas recognise you and you're on first name terms.

    The CW

    8. And they say "the usual?" instead of asking what you want.

    Columbia Pictures

    9. You pay the 20p extra for a fancy espresso of the month, and then bullshit that you can taste the more "floral" notes.


    10. You've reached these lofty heights.

    11. To you, the seasons and Starbucks are inherently linked.

    12. You're in your element at Christmas, because the high street is full of these gift sets.

    13. You grow impatient when Autumn drinks aren't being sold anymore but the festive ones haven't arrived yet.


    14. And you mourn the end of a seasonal drink as if you've lost someone dear to you.


    15. Your bank statement mostly reads as a log of your Starbucks trips.


    16. Your fridge has to remain fully stocked with these at all times.

    17. You see Starbucks gift cards as a deeply thoughtful present.

    18. You take some comfort in knowing that there's one on practically every corner.


    19. You have an excessive amount of free app cards lying around for things you never downloaded.

    20. You're well-versed in the ~secret menu~ combinations.

    Twitter: @mlesmorales

    Even if you're too scared to actually order them in case the barista has no idea what you're on about.

    21. You think nothing of queueing for 15-20 minutes when it's pretty packed.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    22. You have to try not to roll your eyes when people complain about a slight mispelling of their name on the cup.


    23. Because this deep into your Starbucks obsession, you've honestly seen it all.

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