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    21 Signs You And Your Best Friend Are Truly Comfortable With Each Other

    You can be your truest, weirdest selves when you're together.

    1. You can go to their house and literally do nothing, without it being boring.


    It's even better than going out sometimes.

    2. In fact, you can go there and nap, and they won't bat an eyelid.


    3. You don't need to always have ~interesting~ conversations, and you can have good chats about the most mundane things.

    Jasmin Nahar

    4. You can look worse for wear around them and you know they won't care.


    Looking hungover? They don't care. Open the door to them while you're bleaching your upper lip? They don't care either.

    5. You can ugly-cry around them.

    Logo TV

    6. Even if it's over something really small.


    And sometimes you ugly-cry ~together~.

    7. You help yourself to food whenever you go to their place because you know where everything is.


    8. And you can take off your bra once you get through the door and be free.


    9. You accompany them for big hair changes when they go to the salon, for emotional support.

    Universal Pictures

    Much of your friendship has been sitting in waiting areas of hairdressers and beauticians.

    10. It never feels embarrassing to bring up a bodily function.


    11. You can ask them weird sex-related questions without fear of judgment.


    12. You don't mind asking them to check whether you smell alright.

    The CW

    13. You perform hair checks on each other to see if it can go one more day without washing.

    Paramount Pictures

    14. You happily run errands with them, and you know they'd do the same for you.

    The WB / The CW

    "Why yes, I would like to come with you to buy a new dehumidifier!"

    15. You can take shitloads of pictures when you're out together for Snapchat/Instagram and they won't judge you.


    16. And you'll sift through each other's selfies to find good ones to upload.


    They won't judge you for having to take 40 before getting a good one.

    17. You update each other on the growth of your body hair.

    Comedy Central

    18. If you're broke, you don't have to subtly hint you'd rather "stay in", you can outright tell them.


    19. And you can voice your ~existential questions~ to them because they won't think you're weird.

    Warner Brothers

    20. You send each other Snapchats with the weirdest facial expressions you can muster.

    21. And if you don't talk or see each other for a little while, you never worry because you always pick up right where you left off.


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