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    13 Seriously Clever Products You Can Get For Your Wardrobe Right Now

    Messy wardrobe? Not any more.

    1. These dehumidifier bags can absorb three times their weight in moisture and will help to protect your favourite clothes from mildew.

    2. Keep moths away from your jumpers using these natural cedar wood rings that you can pop on your hangers.

    3. Save loads of room in your wardrobe with these hanger hooks – you can vertically hang up to six items while only using up as much space as one.

    4. These motion sensor lights make it easier to navigate your wardrobe in the dark.

    5. Take all the faff out of hanging up trousers with these hangers that are specifically designed for the job.

    6. This bamboo activated charcoal bag is a genius multipurpose product – it purifies the air, dehumidifies, AND deodorises at the same time.

    7. If you're really into organisation, you can get these coloured garment dividers to separate your clothes by category.

    8. Ties, belts, scarves, and bags can be tricky to store, but this 14-hook hanger makes it way easier.

    9. Your shoes will take up so much less room with this shoe organiser. It lets you stack one shoe directly underneath the other one, doubling the amount of space in the process.

    10. This honeycomb organiser means you don't have to rush around in the morning looking for a pair of socks – they'll all be neatly stored in this!

    11. When the seasons change and you know some things are going to end up unworn for the next six months, bring out these vacuum bags that can reduce the volume of their content by 80%.

    12. Protect your fanciest clothes with these dust-proof and moth-proof bags.

    13. This hanging rail hooks onto your clothes rail to give you a second row of space – a genius way to double your storage.