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    Updated on Dec 25, 2018. Posted on Oct 25, 2016

    19 Times The Women Of Scottish Twitter Made You Piss Yourself Laughing

    "Why do boys beep at u when they drive past??? Gees us a second while a run after ur fiat punto."


    My pal tried to talk dirty to a guy when he was lickin her out and said "tell me what I taste like" - he replied "eh a Dono.. fanny?" 😩😩😂😂


    So ma foundation can stain ma carpet for about 10 year but no stay on ma face for 10 minute


    When your mum tells you to hing the washing oot and you chuck the closest pair eh shoes oan


    Feel like a super freak when I see some1 in person who av stalked on Instagram, u have no idea who I am but loved ur outfit @ the weekend x


    "Lassies who drink pints are disgustin" "Lassies who talk 😷" "Lassies who don't exist for the sole purpose of ma pleasure 😩👎"


    Sad to think our generation was the last to go through the butterfly transformation.Lassies r bursting oot the womb with a sleek contour kit


    girls just wanna have fun makes me so emotional cause like, they actual dae just wanty have fun


    How do girls bfs know what makeup to buy them Kieran is so clueless.. Girl in Mac asks him my skin colour n he's like eh white British 🤔


    Why do boys beep at u when they drive past?? Gees a second while a run after ur fiat punto


    when the squads heavy roasting u n yer just sitting there like, pls stop am just a wee


    Why does yer mirror, front camera, back camera make ye look so different in every wan??? Wit wan is the real me


    New snapchat is shite . Watching my pals story n thinking 'where the hell are they????' n it's not even them its Kim K at the gym


    Sad thing is girls go out n think they're getting slagged by eachother when half the time she's saying to her pal she likes your dress


    When ur in a mood n ur lit 'night' n they reply night? Like sorry? Am no actual goin to sleep ya fuckin whopper talk to me !!!!!


    how gid are parties w/ ur mums pals :)) folk you dunno calling u stunnin n ur walking about aw night lookin like a 4 feelin like a 12


    It's 2015 and people still can't grasp the sarcastic 'x' at the end of a text and proceed to gee u one back naw babe am ragin no flirtin x


    Y is my Instagram full of crushed avocado and poached eggs on toast for breakfast, just have some coco pops and piss off


    see when yer buzzin to tell yer pal suhin and they're like "aye I know" fuck off naw ye dinny


    when yer lit HAPPY BDAY!! HAVE AN AMAZIN DAY LYSM❤️Xx n they reply "thanks x" :| a take tht right back haha, hope yer cake goes up in flames

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