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    21 Stationery Pictures That Are So Satisfying They'll Cleanse Your Soul

    Who knew stationery could be so soothing?

    1. These colourful envelopes that make the prettiest pattern.

    2. The aesthetically pleasing arrangement of these boxes.

    3. This pretty AF pencil arrangement.

    4. This picture perfect stationery flatlay.

    5. This impossibly neat handwriting.

    6. This simple and striking pencil layout.

    7. These pots of pencils organised by colour.

    8. This stationery display that's too perfect for words.

    9. The way these sheets of coloured card are stacked.

    10. This ~out of this world~ bullet journal page.

    11. These neatly displayed notebooks.

    12. These sticky notes that make an apple.

    13. The perfect diagonal line from this chart of pencils.

    14. This colourful calligraphy.

    15. This impressive example of letterpressing that you'd absolutely want to touch.

    16. This semi-circle of pencils.

    17. The curl of this pencil shaving.

    18. This ombre lettering.

    19. The different styles of handwriting used on this page, and the fact they're all done so damn well.

    20. This wall of paper.

    21. And finally, the way these colouring pencils fit together so nicely.