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11 Ways The Reality Of Valentine's Day Doesn't Live Up To The Instagram Expectations

"Roses are red, violets are blue. Garlic bread, Blink 182".

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1. When you hope to have a romantic candlelit dinner.

Instagram: @nikki_glover1981

2. When you receive a box of your favourite chocolates.

Instagram: @auryteee_

3. When you receive a bouquet of flowers.

Instagram: @luxury_richmond

4. When your S.O cooks you a delicious meal.

Instagram: @oliviaallyssa

5. When you receive a 6ft teddy bear.

Instagram: @maggie_wwalker

6. When you get a cute Valentine's day card.

Instagram: @hell_lola

7. When you're run a lovely, inviting bath.

Instagram: @kamiprochazkova

8. When your partner writes you a poem from the heart.

Instagram: @pixie_eyes

9. When you receive a thoughtful and romantic surprise.

Instagram: @eros_philia_agapi


11. And when you get that Pandora bracelet you've been wanting.

Instagram: @letizialombardo_