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    Adele's Album Cover Is Giving The Entire World Eyeliner Goals

    She needs to drop a tutorial, ASAP.

    As Adele's album 25 is released today, everyone's noticed something that's almost as captivating as her voice.

    That flawless eyeliner on the album cover.

    Today is reserved for @Adele. May your contour be on fleek, your eyeliner winged & your mascara waterproof. #Adele25

    People are marvelling at the sheer perfection of it.

    I wish anything in my life was as flawless as Adele's eyeliner.

    at this present moment in time my only life goal is to get my eyeliner as on fleek as adele's

    Wish my life was as put together as Adele's eyeliner

    Her eyeliner wings are a thing of majesty, and everyone knows it.

    The wings of Adele's eyeliner could fly you anywhere you wanted to go they're so perfect.

    Okay Adele is a great singer and all but WHAT KIND OF SUPERHUMAN DOES HER EYELINER?!?

    The reason why it took Adele so long to come out with this album is bc she was doing her eyeliner #perfect #25

    And it's really resonated with people, on an emotional level.

    Adele's eyeliner on the cover of 25 just really gets me. 😭

    Me listening to @Adele swoop in with 25, rip my soul from my body and fly away on the wings of her perfect eyeliner

    Teach us your wonderful, winged liner ways, Adele.

    Can Adele do a makeup tutorial on how to get her eyeliner on the 25 album cover

    Can we just get Adele to do eyeliner tutorials to promote her new album??

    Need Adele to drop a winged eyeliner tutorial more than a new album

    The people need to know.

    i would pay $58629201974 to have adele teach me how to put on liquid eyeliner so flawlessly


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