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    FYI, Redbubble Have Thousands Of Reusable Face Coverings Available Online – Here Are Our Favourite Ones

    You can still ~express~ yourself even when people can't see your facial expressions.

    In the UK it is now *compulsory* to wear a non-medical face covering when traveling on public transport, and it is recommended to wear them in other indoor settings where you can't always easily socially distance (such as shops) too.

    These guidelines are in place primarily to protect people around you from droplets you might expel through breathing, talking, or coughing; even people without symptoms may still be at risk of spreading the virus. The masks don't have to be anything fancy and are not the same as medical-grade PPE —the primary functions are that they are breathable, cover your nose and mouth, and are tight enough that they don't leave loose space for droplets to escape.

    Alongside all of their usual products such as homeware, clothing, art, and stationery, online retailer Redbubble now sells reusable fabric face coverings in thousands of different designs from various independent artists. With so many to choose from, we decided to round up some of the best – whether you're looking to be bold or go for something understated.

    All the masks are machine washable and made of two layers of brushed polyester, with an expected shipping date of 26th June with express delivery and 29th June - 1st July with standard.

    1. This mask covered in shifty-eyed felines is pretty pawsome.

    2. The chilled out sloths on this design are sure to make you smile.

    3. This geometric design is simple, striking, and tbh the kind of thing you'd want to wallpaper your home with.

    4. This moon and stars print is out of this world.

    5. This delicate cherry blossom mask is impossibly pretty.

    6. This mask is covered in the cutest little corgis you've ever seen.

    7. I am ofishally a big fan of this colourful mask.

    8. You'll go wild for this bold and beautiful Bengal tiger print one.

    9. Florals don't have to be twee, and this 'midnight garden' print mask proves it!

    10. Is there a bigger vibe than this (incredibly accurate) mask right now?

    11. Remind people to keep their distance with this mask that has a very clear message.

    12. Banana leaf print is everywhere, so it makes perfect sense to have the stunning pattern on a mask too!

    13. This mask is blooming beautiful!

    14. This sushi-motif mask is just too cute for words.

    15. This plaid-patterned option looks like a style statement on top of being genuinely useful.

    16. After something subtle but not boring? This blue gradient design is the perfect choice.

    17. As we all know, leopard print is basically a neutral, which is what makes this design so great!

    18. If you want to go abstract and ~artsy~, look no further than this understated design.

    Just remember — masks are not a substitute for social distancing! You should still maintain a minimum of two metres of distance between you and other people when possible, and continue washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. Stay safe!