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    25 Reasons You Should Definitely Not Go To Cardiff

    Frankly, it's just terrible.

    1. First things first: Cardiff just isn't pretty.

    2. There's no history to the place whatsoever.

    3. At dusk it's positively awful-looking.

    4. And sunset isn't much better.

    5. It's just so dreary in the summer.

    6. Autumn is even worse.

    7. And winter? It's nothing but dull skies and sleet.

    8. Cardiff has no art whatsoever.

    9. Or anything creative at all.

    10. What is there to even do?

    11. By the sea is one of the worst parts. There's nothing to look at.

    12. And at night, it's like a ghost town.

    13. It's not a good place if you fancy some food.

    14. The high street is just so boring.

    15. Just row after row of grey concrete slabs.

    16. Why would you even want to go to Cardiff?

    17. Seriously, there's nowhere serene at all.

    18. The architecture isn't especially spectacular.

    19. And the modern buildings are so unambitious.

    20. They don't have anywhere to go for a nice stroll.

    21. It's just a bit of an eyesore.

    22. And it's always grey and rainy.

    23. There's little in the way of nature.

    24. And unfortunately it's just not picturesque at all.

    25. Seriously, just don't go.