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    Sep 12, 2016

    17 Reasons Why Everyone Should Follow Maisie Williams On Instagram

    You really won't regret it.

    1. Her face-painting skills are out of this world.

    2. Her videos are actually hilarious, like this one announcing she's been nominated for an Emmy.

    3. And this picture of a Starbucks mistake that sounds even better when you say it out loud.

    4. She shares the best jokes about her character.

    5. She's got some ~aesthetic~ photos.

    6. And shows off her impressive-looking baking skills.

    7. She has the same love of Nando's that we all do.

    8. Her sunglasses game is really very strong.

    9. And so is her T-shirt game.

    10. You can see adorable pictures of her surprising fans at GoT viewing parties.

    11. There are some insanely cute pictures of her dog.

    12. And also this really sweet video of them together.

    13. There's some impressive street art pictures.

    14. And some great innuendos.

    15. Her captions are 💯, like this one about a punny T-shirt.

    16. And especially so when she's had a big night out.

    17. But best of all, she writes about fried chicken underneath some seriously glamorous photos.

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